Kammrath & Weiss – Tensile stage and temperature stage

Kammrath & Weiss is a German company focus on engineering in the electron microscopy market. This company is developing technology solutions in the micromechanical field. We are offering tensile (compression) module for in situ measurements up to 5-10kN, in situ heating/cooling stage and transfer modules.

Cryo-Module 80 Kelvin


Module for the SEM -25°C to +50°C or as extended version -50°C to +100°C (at 3mbar)

Tensile (Compression) Module up to 5kN

This tensile module (compression as option) for the SEM (and a limited selection of “Atomic Force Microscopes”) fits on the sample stage just like an oversize specimen. The test objects should be 20 to 60 mm long, not thicker than 5 mm.

Transfer Module for the SEM and Glove Boxes

Suitable for Humid, Corrosive, and Aggressive Environment,
VP and ESEM Scanning Electron Microscopes

Heating Module 300° C

Heating Module 500° C

Heating Module 800° C

Heating Module 1050° C

Heating Module 1500° C