Stage cooled to 80K to be mounted on the SEM/FIB stage.

Installation on all types of SEM

This cryo module can be installed on any type of SEM thanks to its adapted interface. The geometry of this cold exchanger within the body of the cryostat (the “whirlpool” chamber) operates with a very low level of vibration and minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen or nitrogen gas circulates through the module to cool its surface.
The integrated PID controller can regulate the ambient temperature down to 80K. A special dovetail system means that the stage can also be used on a SEM with a loading lock.

The sample holder (which is insulated to allow current measurements on the sample) is fitted with a Faraday cage, and the cables for connecting and transporting the liquid nitrogen to the mechanical interface adapted to the SEM are supplied. The connection system with 4 electrical contacts is easily connected during the mounting of the stage in the SEM chamber. The system is suitable for observing low-temperature semiconductor samples in voltage contrast mode.

Several module models are available with different types of sample attachment systems.


Temperature controller

The integrated PID (or manual) controller allows temperature control up to 80K. The controller takes into account all the heating and cooling parameters and can be used after an initial learning routine.

A continuous hot/cold ramp can be selected to study (when working towards +100°C) the sample at a constant heating/cooling rate. The built-in heater can also be used to achieve temperatures between the cold of liquid nitrogen and ambient temperature. The controller will take over the cooling setpoint up to the required temperature without oscillations. The manual module can be controlled by the user to achieve the desired temperature.

Peltier Module with air-lock compatible sample holder

Peltier Module without sample holder

Integration of the module in the SEM

The system is mounted in the SEM as a large sample using a dovetail system. It is possible to tilt the module in the chamber.

Cold module

The dimensions of the module are 100 x 60 x 30 mm. The central heating element is fitted with a multi-layer thermal protection shield. The contact surface is minimised to keep temperature transfer between the sample and the module structure at a very low level.
Various sample fixing systems are available.

80K cooled stage for mounting on SEM/FIB stage.
Temperatures range from -190°C to +100°C.


Module specifications

  • Dimensions of cold module: 100 x 60 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 500 gr.
  • Sample size: up to 30 mm diameter.
  • Maximum heating speed: 3°C/s max.
  • Temperature sensor: PT100.
  • Temperature range: -190°C to +100°C.
  • Temperature stability: < 0.1°C (PT100).

Controller specifications

  • Dimension : 295 x 320 x 125 mm
  • Poids : 7 kg.
  • Tension d’entrée : 115/230V, AC 50-60Hz.
  • Puissance consommée : 250W maximum.
  • Tension de chauffe : 0-45V, DC
  • Courant de chauffe : 2.5A
  • Interface : RS 485 / USB