Transfer Module for the SEM and Glove Boxes


Compatible wet, corrosive, aggressive environment, variable pressure SEM and environmental SEM.

Samples protected from ambient air or moisture during transport

The transfer module is a specific system that is installed in a SEM. It has been designed as a sealed capsule to move delicate and sensitive samples from the SEM to the glove box and vice versa.

The samples are therefore protected from ambient air (oxidation) or humidity during transport. The vacuum transfer module is mounted on the SEM’s motorised stage (with dovetail quick-fit system). Installation in the SEM or glove box is very quick.


Vacuum-compatible transfer module and mechanical interface

The system includes the transfer module, a vacuum-compatible mechanical interface, the cable set and the controller for opening and closing the module.

For installation, the module is mounted on the motorised stage of the SEM as a large sample. The module does not exceed 40mm in height.
This transfer module is equipped with a "sample platform" with a hermetic opening and closing cover controlled by a DC motor. Samples can be up to 6mm thick and can be mounted on standard SEM holders. The specimen holder can accommodate 8 standard SEM holders (12 mm Ø) or 2 larger holders (25 mm Ø).

The cover is hermetically sealed.
Samples can be prepared directly inside the module in the protective atmosphere of a glove box.
An external miniature battery-powered controller is also supplied to control opening/closing within the glove box.

Heating/cooling option

The module can be fitted with a heating or heating/cooling option (when ordered or at a later date). With or without heating, the module can be tilted (this depends on the SEM, but it is usually possible to tilt by around 30°).

Heating/cooling option

The system is mounted in the SEM as a large sample with a dovetail system. Most SEMs are compatible with the module. The interface adapted to the SEM is supplied with the electronic controller and the miniature controller.

Vacuum transfer module with motorised lid and hermetic seal.

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Module specifications

Dimensions of heating module: 120 x 80 x 40 mm
Weight: 1 kg.
Maximum size of : 8 supports of 12 mm diameter and 6 mm height; 2 supports of 25 mm diameter and 6 mm height.

Controller specifications

Dimensions: 200 x 145 x 70 mm
Weight: 1 kg.
Input voltage: 115/230V, AC 50-60Hz.