DELMIC | CL | FAST-EM | Integrated SEM



The SPARC is a high-performance cathodoluminescence detection system produced by DELMIC. The system is designed to optimally collect and detect cathodoluminescence emission, enabling fast and sensitive material characterization at the nanoscale.


Panchromatic and RGB Cathodoluminescence (CL) intensity detection.


FAST-EM is an ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope (EM) designed to make complex and large EM projects simple and efficient.


Reduce transfer steps and improve sample yield with integrated cryo-CLEM.

CERES Ice Defence

Obtenez des échantillons Cryo-EM de haute qualité avec un flux de travail optimisé en minimisant la contamination de la glace.

Plateforme SECOM

The SECOM platform combines fluorescence and electron microscopy in one device, integrating functional and structural data with revolutionary ease and efficiency.