RMC | EM Sample Prep solutions


Ultramicrotome PowerTome PC

The Computer Controlled Ultramicrotome.

Ultramicrotome PowerTome XL

For the Preparation of Thin Sections for Electron Microscopy.

LN Ultra

The Most Cost Effective, Compact, User Friendly, Cryosectioning System Available.


Automated Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome.


Advanced Substrate Holder.

3 Lambdas Illumination Units

Designed to be a direct replacement of high pressure mercury lamp used for fluorescence ultramicrotomy cut-sections application.

Diamond knives for ultramicrotomy

Ultrathin, semithin, cryo dry & cryo wet sectioning of both materials and biological samples.

Freeze Substitution System FS 8500

Trouble-free freeze-substitution and low temperature embedding on a routine basis.

Glass Knife Maker GKM-2

Get Consistent, Controlled Breaks!

TEM Stainer QG 3100

The QG-3000 increases staining quality and yield, while saving time and and reducing waste.

Motorized Microtome MT-990

Universal, Heavy Duty Microtome for a Wide Variety of Applications in Histopathology and Materials Research.

Motorized Precision Microtome AFM-990

This microtome is primarily intended for specimen surface preparation for: AFM, SPM, SEM, OM, FTIR.

Motorized or Manual Microtome MR2, MR3

Manual or motorized contol microtome for histology, materials and forensic applications. Section thickness range from 0.5 to 60 microns with electronic knife feed.