Heating module for MEB motorized stage.

Module compatible with corrosion tests or heating tests in a gas atmosphere.

This heating module is easily integrated into the motorized MEB plate and can reach temperatures of 1050°C.

When the temperature is maintained below 600°C, this module is compatible with corrosion tests or heating tests in a gas atmosphere.

It is possible to have an optional needle valve positioned on the mechanical interface of the MEB in order to inject a small quantity of gas into the module during heating tests. The heating chamber where the sample is placed can be closed with a motorized cover to protect the SEM during high temperature experiments.


Very high temperature experiments

The heating chamber where the sample is placed can be closed with a motorized cover to protect the SEM during high temperature experiments. During very high temperature experiments, the motorized hood must be closed. After heat treatment of the sample, the cover can be opened to examine the sample under electron beam. If there is no gas flow and the SEM detectors allow it, observations can be made with the hood open to image the sample surface at high temperature.

The central part of the sample holder is an encapsulated ceramic resistor which generates the heating. The object holder is available with different shapes (flat, dome, etc.). Flat samples can be 10 x 10 x 2 mm in size and are held by tungsten spring clips. The design is intended to minimize the electric field that could affect imaging.
This heating module can be used as a transfer capsule between a glove box and an MEB thanks to its sealing. It is thus possible to protect the samples from humidity or oxygen.
The system includes the mechanical interface with connections suitable for the MEB and also the closed loop water circulator for module cooling.

Temperature controller

The integrated PID (or manual) controller allows you to regulate the ambient temperature up to 1500°C. The controller takes into account all the heating parameters and can be used after an initial learning routine. A continuous heating ramp can be selected to study the sample at a constant heating rate. The controller will take charge of the heating setpoint up to the desired temperature and without oscillations. The manual module is controlled by the user to control the desired temperature.

Integration of the module into the MEB

The system is mounted in the SEM as a large sample with a dovetail system. Most MEBs are compatible with this heating module. A water circulator is also supplied with the module.

Gas heating below 600°C (Option)

Some MEBs allow working under degraded vacuum or with a few Torrs of water vapor. The 300°C and 500°C versions of the module can operate at ambient and vacuum. Higher temperatures should be experimented under vacuum in the SEM or under controlled pressure. This 1500°C module with vacuum transfer system goes beyond these experimental conditions and allows, thanks to a small valve, to inject gas into the hermetic chamber to create a particular gaseous environment or a corrosive environment for example . The gas inlet is precisely controlled by a needle valve located on the mechanical interface of the MEB (cable passage integrating the valve). A tube (stainless steel capillary) allows the gas to be injected into the chamber of the heating module. The chamber can be opened and closed tightly by a motorized mechanism.

Heating module

The heating element incorporates an internal reflection shield, fixed with a minimum contact surface in order to keep the heat flow level with the sample surface. For thermal insulation of the module, the entire heating structure is positioned on an ultra-thin support. These low-surface contact points, thermal shields and closed-loop water circulation help keep the temperature on the sample and not overheat the module structure.

In comparison with the 1050°C module, in this 1500°C module the cover is also water cooled. This helps preserve the elements in the SEM chamber (pole piece, detectors, etc.) from thermal damage during long experiments at high temperatures.

Heating module for SEM up to 1,500°C for long experiments and up to 600°C in a gas environment.
Delivered with the flange to be installed on a port of the MEB (to be defined with the user the ports available on the MEB).

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Module specifications

Dimensions of the heating module: 65 x 55 x 38 mm
Weight: 1.2 kg.
Maximum sample size: 10 x 10 x 2 mm
Maximum heating rate: 5°C/s max.
Temperature sensor: W-25Re Type C.
Temperature Range: Ambient to 1500°C.
Temperature stability: +/- 1°C.

Controller specifications

Dimensions: 420 x 320 x 125 mm
Weight: 7 kg.
Input voltage: 115/230V, AC 50-60Hz.
Power consumption: 500W maximum.
Heating voltage: 0-60V, DC
Heating current: 8A
Interface: RS485