TEM Holders

n order to realize « the necessity of a holder for Tomography capable of 3 axis control” proposed by Dr Hata of Kyushu University Graduate School of Engineering, it was necessary to realize a completely new specimen drive movement.

This is a specimen drive movement called “Virtual Pivot” later.
In order to accurately embody the idea our drew, we needed a unique technology organization consistent from “concept to manufacturing”
In August 2006, the organization was named “Mel-Build” and it was started. The three axis Tomography holder repeated trial production, finally the fist machine is completed in March 2007.

High Angle Triple Axis = HATA – Holder.
Since the announcement of HATA – holder, “Mel-Build” has received technological appraisal from everyone and received the request of new development holder for various research applications.

Most Melbuild holders are fully compatible with MET manufacturers JEOL and THERMO.

HATA-Holder system triple axis

SATO-Holder system – Tensile mode/ compression mode

Cartridge Linkage System -Holder