EDEN Instruments.

EDEN Instruments is a high-tech company specializing in the distribution and technical support of Electron Microscopy equipments and accessories (TEM, SEM/FIB and CLEM).

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In-Situ Nanocharacterization Solutions.

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We offer equipments for samples study using SEM, EDS, EBSD and WDS microanalysis, TEM/SEM In-Operando electron microscopy, correlative microscopy (CLEM), cathodoluminescence, electrical/mechanical testing (EBIC-EBAC, indentation, traction, flexion, compression), for nano-positioning/manipulation at micro and nano scales, as well as innovative equipments for sample preparation.

EDEN Instruments microscopie electronique

 EDEN Instruments’ 2 founders.

Stéphane AGUY

CEO of EDEN Instruments. Stéphane worked for ten years in a major European optoelectronics distribution group.

He then became one of the founders of Highwave Optical Technologies, taking part in its IPO on the new market in June 2000 and organizing the export sales teams through subsidiaries set up in the USA, UK and Taiwan.

In February 2007, he took part in the creation of Cordouan Technologies, a company dedicated to technology transfer with French laboratories (CNRS, CEA, EPIC centers). His role was Sales Director and Head of Communications/Marketing.


CTO of EDEN Instruments and electron microscopy specialist for over 20 years. Marc worked for several companies selling microanalysis systems (Fondis Electronic, SAMx, etc.) before setting up his own company, SAMXPlus, in 2009.

His role at EDEN Instruments is to take charge of the technical side (installation, maintenance, etc.).


AXON™ Innovative In-Situ TEM software platform.

AXON redefines the In Situ experience by linking transmission electron microscopy detectors and In Situ systems with a revolutionary new software platform. It improves data quality, extends your capabilities and facilitates your In Situ experiments.

La plate-forme AXON est une solution logicielle basée sur des modules. Branchez facilement de nouveaux modules au fur et à mesure de leur sortie et votre système restera à jour avec les dernières fonctionnalités.

The AXON platform is a module-based software solution. Easily connect new modules as they are released, and your system will stay up-to-date with the latest features.

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