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Ultramicrotome KATANA.

A portable system for serial block-face SEM

With the Katana Serial Block-face system, the microtome is mounted non-invasively on the SEM’s motorised stage.

The vibrating diamond knife surfaces the sample block, removing layers as thin as 15 nm.

After each cut, the surface of the exposed block is imaged by a BSE detector. This automated in situ method enables a series of electronic images to be acquired over a large volume of sample.


Portable between SEMs

  • Can select SEM according todataset requirements, cost, availability.
  • Quick and easy to switch between SEM and Serial Block-Face Imaging.

Unique oscillator design for improved cutting

  • Large oscillation with real-time feedback, tuneable from 0 to 100 nm.
  • Variable frequency, tuneable from 0 to 100 kHz.
  • Auto-resonance mode, allows lowest heat dissipation.

Debris mitigation

Raised imaging position (by up to 1mm) for shorter working distance.

Open source command set.

  • Simple serial connection allows control from other hardware.

Software supplied for automation on older SEMs.

  • Requires SEM PC with Win95 or higher.

¹ SBEMimage integration currently in alpha phase of development. SBEMimage: Versatile Acquisition Control Software for Serial Block-Face Electron Microscopy [Benjamin Titze, Christel
Genoud, and Rainer W. Friedrich].

² Maximum possible size that can be cut in one go. For ease of setup, knife positioning, and block shape considerations, a maximum of 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 (mm) is recommended.

​Technical specifications

  • Microtome

Dimension : 135 x 66 x 56 (H) mm
Z resolution : 1 nm (closed-loop)
Z travel range : 1300 μm
Knife travel range : 4 mm
Diamond blade width : 1.5 mm
Knife oscillation amplitude : 0 – 170 nm
Knife oscillation frequency : 0 – 100 kHz
Maximum sample size : 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 (X,Y,Z mm)

  • Accessories

Cabin size storage case
50x aluminium sample pins
Sample storage vials
Diamond cleaning rods
SEM flange
SEM stage adapter
Accessories (Optional)
Spare diamond knife
Touchscreen laptop
Sample measurement tool

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