Evactron – Remote Plasma Cleaning Devices


Clarity without contamination : The Evactron® system in action

The Evactron® De-Contaminator System removes residual hydrocarbon contamination, allowing users of Electron and Ion Beam instruments such as SEMs, TEMs, and FIBs to easily maintain optimal imaging environments.


These problematic hydrocarbons can interact with the beam to precipitate onto the surfaces of the sample being examined and lead to the “Black Squares,” seen in the image on the top left. Brief operation of the Evactron system removes the contamination from the vacuum system and results in superior images, such as the one on the bottom left.

Lacey carbon film – before cleaning

Lacey carbon film – after cleaning 1

Lacey carbon film – after cleaning 2

Evactron® Model 25 De-Contaminator

Pre-programmed automatic cleaning, no manual adjustments needed. Tabletop enclosure can be moved from lab to lab. Serial port allows PC communication with controller. GUI interface provided.

Evactron® 25Z Zephyr™ De-Contaminator

The easy to use tabletop model easily removes atmospheric hydrocarbons and carbon contamination from SEMs, FIBs, and other vacuum chambers.

Evactron® SoftClean™ Chamber

The Evactron® SoftClean™ Chamber/Evactron combination can pre-clean specimens and specimen mounts with suspicious or known high levels of contamination before their introduction into a microscope chamber.

Evactron® CombiClean™ System

The Evactron® CombiClean™ system combines onboard vacuum cleaning chamber and external PRS (Plasma Radical Source) control in one unified system.

Evactron® Plasma Radical Source (PRS)

High-Vacuum Compatible Plasma Radical Source.