Evactron® SoftCleanTM Chamber


Onboard vacuum cleaning chamber and external PRS (Plasma Radical Source) control in one unified system.

The Evactron SoftClean System allows users to “pre-clean” spécimens and holders, eliminating sources of contamination before their introduction into the microscope chamber.

This System consists of an Evactron De-Contamination System, a SoftClean Chamber and suitable vacuum pump and uses the same downstream plasma ashing process as that found in more than 1,000 other instruments around the world.

Further, the SoftClean chamber may be used as a standalone sample cleaner or serve as a storage System for cleaned samples. Uniike high power and more expensive traditional plasma cleaning Systems that sputter with energetic ion species and can potentially damage spécimens with heat and ion bombardment, the délicate downstream process chemically ashes hydrocarbon contamination and removes it from the chamber.

Features & Benefits.

Benchtop plasma cleaning

Can also be used as a specimen storage system, keeping samples in a clean environment

Gentle, yet effective at removing H/C contamination using reactive gas radicals by chemical etch, rather than potentially damaging sputter etching

Just use air for oxygen radicals, or use other gases for alternative plasma processes

4 KF 40 and 1 KF 16 vacuum mounting flanges with manual shut-off valve for vacuum port

Adaptor flanges for all major manufacturers of TEM sample holders available

1 venting port and a plated aluminum lid with 5.5″ diameter glass viewing port

Wide Pressure Range

Chamber dimensions 8.5” (216 mm) diameter x 5 .5” (140 mm) height Shipping weight 12lbs. (6 kg.)