Evactron® 25Z Zephyr De-Contaminator™


The Fastest Plasma Cleaner Commercially Available

This easy to use tabletop model easily removes atmospheric hydrocarbons and carbon contamination from SEMs, FIBs, and other vacuum chambers. The Evactron® 25Z Zephyr De-Contaminator uses a remote RF plasma to produce gas-phase radicals that flow downstream through the chamber eliminating contamination.

The Evactron® 25Z Zephyr is created for chambers that use turbo molecular pumps (TMPs). The 25Z is designed to clean/de-contaminate in the turbo pressure regime at 1-50 mTorr and has no adverse effects on the TMP temperatures. The Evactron Model 45 De-Contaminator can also be upgraded to the Zephyr cleaning.

Features & Benefits.

Clean chambers at turbo pump pressures

5-20 Watts RF power

≥10x improved cleaning rate

One button operation

1-50 mTorr operating pressure