Evactron® CombiCleanTM System


Desktop + In-Situ Cleaning System.

The Evactron® CombiCleanTM System features an integrated vacuum chamber for desktop cleaning samples and vacuum parts, as well as an external Plasma Radical Source (PRS) for Evactron® in-situ cleaning of E-beam instruments such as SEMs, FIBs, and other analytic instruments by removing carbon contamination. A simple button push enables the VentDetectTM Evactron® Cleaning start process.

The system features a microprocessor with embedded software to regulate a leak valve and control the chamber pressure by a MicroPirani gauge. The microprocessor also regulates the RF power, has a clock to time the downstream plasma cleaning and nitrogen purging cycles, and records the operational and fault log. Cleaning with the Evactron CombiClean System may be setup from either the front panel or a remote computer.

Features & Benefits.

VentDetectTM Technology

Compatible with rotary vane pumps without the worry of oil backstreaming

Dry Nitrogen purge feature keeps specimens clean after plasma cleaning

Storage mode allows continued dry nitrogen purging of samples while external PRS is in use

System monitors operation of either PRS unit

Onboard control allows for cleaning modes between internal and external PRS with just the flip of a switch

Wide Pressure Range

Overall Dimensions: 8.25” x 25.7” x 10.6” (210 mm x 652 mm x 270 mm), Weight 35 lbs / 16 kg.


Downstream Plasma

  • Safely removes hydrocarbon contamination without damage to sensitive materials commonly used in electron microscopes (i.e. thin x-ray detector windows)
  • Decontaminates rapidly with most systems being maintained by a 10 minute process 1x per week
  • Proven safe and effective by over 1,200 customers worldwide

Compact All-In-One Design

  • Designed as a complete cleaning solution with integrated Evactron 25 Controller & Vacuum Chamber in one
  • Combines Evactron in-situ microscope cleaning and desktop sample and parts cleaning
  • Portable for use on multiple instruments

Versatile Use of Gases

  • Works with just room air for ease of use and low operating cost
  • Can also be used with other non-corrosive gases, providing customized chemical etch for sensitive samples

Nitrogen Purge

  • Prevents Oil Backstreaming during specimen storage under vacuum storage mode
  • Compatible with less expensive rotary vane as well as dry pumps
  • Allows sample storage in the cleaning chamber, preventing samples from becoming recontaminated even when external PRS is in use

Internal and External Plasma Radical Sources (PRS)

  • Clean parts, specimens, and TEM sample holders with internal PRS
  • Clean E-Beam internal surfaces of instruments such as SEMs, FIBs, and other analytical instruments by removing carbon contamination with external PRS.
  • Change between internal and external cleaning with just the flip of a switch

Multiple TEM Adapter Sleeves

  • Two horizontal ports for TEM stage holder cleaning (specific microscope adapters are optional)
  • Ability to simultaneously clean up to two TEM samples while avoiding recontamination or damage to the samples

Top Loading Lid

  • Easy placement of SEM samples and parts onto height adjustable, internal platform