RF Plasma Decontaminator

This easy to use tabletop model easily removes atmospheric hydrocarbons and carbon contamination from SEMs, FIBs, and other vacuum chambers. The Evactron® 25 De-Contaminator uses a remote RF plasma to produce gas-phase radicals that flow downstream through the chamber, eliminating contamination.

Join over 1,200 users worldwide, and get the best possible performance and images from your instrument with regular Evactron® Cleaning. A simple button push enables the VentDetectTM Evactron Cleaning start process.

Features & Benefits.

VentDetectTM Technology

Remove unwanted carbon contamination from your instrument

Easy setup and operation

Can be used on nearly all makes and models of electron microscopes

Start cleaning by using chamber vent and evacuation controls

Preset pressure, power and time settings from front panel or computer interface

Just use air for oxygen radicals, or use other gases for alternative plasma processes

Advanced plasma detection logic

Cleaning and error logs record use history and aid troubleshooting

KF 40 vacuum mounting flange, adapter flanges available

Wide Pressure Range