EVACTRON PRS-u High-Vacuum Compatible Plasma Radical Source


High-Vacuum Compatible Plasma Radical Source.

The makers of the popular Evactron® remote plasma cleaning device, the Evactron® De-ContaminatorTM, introduce a system that brings their proven carbon contamination removal technology to end users and tool manufacturers in high vacuum environments. Carbon contamination degrades the perfor- mance and quality of many high vacuum analytical tools such as XPS and Auger Spectrometers.

The Evactron® PRS-uTM was specifically developed to address the cleaning challenges present in high vacuum environments.

Features & Benefits.

Just use air for oxygen radicals, or use other gases for alternative plasma processes

Impedance matched

MicroPirani Gauge

CF 2.75 flange attaches to vacuum chamber

All metal, welded fittings and connections on vacuum side

SMC 2-way high vacuum shut-off valve

3-way valve for toggle between clean and purge

Compliant with SEMI-S2, CE and NRTL Safety Standards