Ultramicrotome PowerTome XL


For the Preparation of Thin Sections for Electron Microscopy.


We designed a new cutting engine with exemptional levels of precision tolerence. This design reduces ‘play’ between the parts of the engine to a minimum, virtually eliminating section chatter and susceptibility to external vibration.


These are the only ultramicrotomes with the patented Power Drive© technology. When gravity fails, the powered cutting stroke has enough strength to cut through even hard, inhomogeneous specimens.

  • Self lubrificating Pivot Joints
  • Frictionless bearings

Smooth and… Precise!

  • Patented Power Drive® technology
  • High precision arc segment holder with ranges from 0-45° or +/- 22.5° with self-locking controls
  • Smooth, precise knife stage micrometer drives with marked increments of 0.5 and 5.0 microns
  • Digital approach with user selectable increments, for novice and advanced users alike.

Advanced features for ultramicrotomy

  • Section counter, Feed totalizer :Section counting and feed totals are useful to those doing 3D reconstruction or calculating cell thicknesses or distance into cell structures.
  • 10um Automatic Sectioning Thickness :If your work involves thick plastic sections for LM, Confocal, FTIR then 10um automatic section thickness is very important. The operator can do multiples of 10um thickness with a touch of a button as well.
  • RS232 port :The RS232 port is available for those who want to address data logging or computer interfacing.

A sharp vision

  • Stemi-2000 Zeiss Stereomicroscope that delivers sharp 3D images without distortion
  • 7.7 to 1 zoom range with click stops
  • 10x W-PL eyepieces as standard, providing 23mm field of view
  • Total magnification 6.5 to 50x with 10x eyepieces.

A great ergonomy

  • Ergonomic Stereomicroscope Holder, featuring Constant Radial Focus Control
Autothin sectioning from 5 nm
Autothick sectioning to 5 microns(X), 10 microns(XL)
Digital section counter – XL
Feed totalizer – XL
15mm cutting stroke
Cutting speed range 0.1-49.9 mm/sec
Variable return speed selection over entire cutting speed range
Automatic feed 200 microns
Manual feed 50mm
4 Memory channels, 5 on PT-PC
Built-in self diagnostic programs
Compact two piece design with separate control unit
Built-in hand rests
Advanced technology multi-level vibration isolation system
High stability mechanical drive systems for both specimen advance and cutting
High precision micrometer knife stage
Fully adjustable “scan and tilt” stereomicroscope
LED backlighting and specimen transillumination


Supplied complete with


Arc segment mount
Stereo microscope
Self locking Positrac© knife stage
Two specimen holders (transilluminating)
Backlight cable
Transillumination cable
Glass knife support (polished)
Wooden accessory box
Trimming block and post
Control unit
Power cord
Interconnect cables
Dust cover
Spare lamps and fuses