PowerTome PT-PC Hybrid


Ultramicrotomy Meets High-Tech in this Computer-based Control, Data Base and Video Monitor System.

PC Controlled Ultramicrotome

  • All the features of the PT-XL with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Auto thin/thick sectioning range: 5nm to 15μm
  • Built-in Report Generator, Database and diagnostic routines
  • Ergonomic Zeiss Stémi 2000CS Stereomicroscope viewing system.
  • Unique “visutrac” cutting zone control
  • Second pupitre de commande numérique.
  • Five memory channels for storing frequently used sectioning parameters

A simplified touchscreen interface

  • Large, Simple, Graphic Interface – All commands are visible and controllable using the supplied 15” LCD touch screen monitor.
  • Easy to Read – There’s never a question as to what’s being displayed, even at a distance.
  • Report Generator – Easily capture and print reports based on the materials you’re sectioning.
  • On-screen Help – With WorldWide Web-like simplicity.
  • Video Monitoring – This option uses the center of your touch screen monitor to display the sectioning process in real time. It can greatly reduce the back and neck strain associated with hovering over the microscope. It’s even large enough to allow the operator to monitor sectioning from a distance.

Zeiss Stemi- 2000CS Stereomicroscope

  • Zoom spectaculaire dans la gamme de grossissement 7.7:1 avec grossissement 6,5X à 50X. Oculaires champ large 10X.
  • Haute résolution, sans distorsion, net même à faible grossissement
  • Stéréomicroscope trinoculaire avec sa caméra HD intégrée.

ATUMtome – Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome

For High Resolution Array Tomography of Biological Tissues by Early Adopter Sophisticated Users

Thousands of Ultra-thin sections in the range 30-50nm are automatically collected on 8mm wide Kapton tape for later transfer to 4” silicon wafers (4” diameter silicon discs) and subsequent SEM electron imaging.

Autothin sectioning from 5 nm
Autothick sectioning to 5 microns(X), 10 microns(XL)
Digital section counter – XL
Feed totalizer – XL
15mm cutting stroke
Cutting speed range 0.1-49.9 mm/sec
Variable return speed selection over entire cutting speed range
Automatic feed 200 microns
Manual feed 50mm
5 Memory channels
Built-in self diagnostic programs
Compact two piece design with separate control unit
Built-in hand rests
Advanced technology multi-level vibration isolation system
High stability mechanical drive systems for both specimen advance and cutting
High precision micrometer knife stage
Fully adjustable “scan and tilt” stereomicroscope
LED backlighting and specimen transillumination

Supplied complete with


Arc segment mount
Stereo microscope
Self locking Positrac© knife stage
Two specimen holders (transilluminating)
Backlight cable
Transillumination cable
Glass knife support (polished)
Wooden accessory box
Trimming block and post
Control unit
Power cord
Interconnect cables
Dust cover
Spare lamps and fuses