3 Lambdas Illumination Units


Breakthrough technology inside

EDEN Instruments 3 Lambdas illumination LED series are designed to be a direct replacement of high pressure mercury lamp used for fluorescence ultramicrotomy cut-sections application. The 3 Lambdas unit combines 365, 470 and 530 nm wavelengths into the same housing.

With its flexible multi-mode output fiber and focuser/adapter, the 3 lambdas unit fits to most recent and older ultramicrotome/cryo generation with a working distance adjustable from 5 to 15 cm.
The result is a safe, highly reliable and user friendly light source designed to last for years without any additional operating costs.

The main application is fluorescence microtomy of embedded fluorophore specimens for optimized cutting area detection.


Key features

  • Flexible light guides and fibers output for any working distance and surface area inside the ultra/cryo ultramicrotomy equipment
  • Spot light focused/adapter on the embedded specimen’s area
  • No hazardous specimens/materials to cut
  • Trimming time saved for cryosection
  • Long lifetime
  • Adjustable power
  • Better contrast-sharper images
  • See deeper into your cells
  • Individual intensity control : 0 to 100 % with 1% step



  • Routine fluorescence ultramicrotomy cut sections
  • Tissue Culture
  • CEMOVIS/ Tokuyasu topics


  • Manual control from remote control Pad
  • Instant On/off
  • Independent 0-100% intensity control for each wavelength
  • Single mode for one wavelength
  • Group Mode for 3 lambdas wavelengths simultaneously

Technical data

MTBF : >10000 hours “on Time”
Typical Output Power:
365 nm : 15 mW
470 nm : 120 mW
530 nm : 60 mW
Input : 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2 Amps.