Freeze Substitution System FS-8500


rouble-free freeze-substitution and low temperature embedding on a routine basis

  • Unlimited capability for storing protocols and reports
  • Additional temperaure sensor provided to measure sample temperature in a reagent vial during Freeze Substitution run.
  • Low-loss LN2 Dewar can be refilled during a substitution run
  • Internal illumination of substitution work chamber automatically activated when chamber cover removed
  • Specimen agitation
  • Cryo transfer tool provided to safely & conveniently remove cold sample holders

The FS-8500 Freeze Substitution Sys- tem is designed with safety & operator convenience in mind. With a large volume, easy access, top loading, tempera- ture controlled substitution chamber samples are slowly and gently dehydrated in a solvent solution, following which they are embedded in resin blocks for room temperature sectioning.

Cryofixed samples, typically stored in LN2, are transferred into the FS-8500 where the substitution solvent is pre-programmed to a temperature below that where secondary ice crystal growth can occur.

The FS-8500 uses liquid nitrogen as a coolant to achieve a base operating temperature of –140C (133K) which is well below the ice recrystallization temperature in any biological structure. The temperature of the substitution chamber is set & regulated by the included laptop computer to an accuracy of better than +/- 0.5C over the range from -140C to +50C.

The FS-8500 is a free standing, caster wheel mounted, system with a large, stainless steel worktop mounted to its 50 liter low-loss LN2 Dewar. The temperature controlled substitution chamber is conveniently located in the center of the worktop for easy access. The chamber is provided with a viewing port/ cover, which is removed to gain access into the substitution workspace. As it is removed, the ventilation system is automatically turned on to extract fumes and the chamber internal illumination is turned on.

These features combine to make the FS-8500 an extremely convenient to use and versatile Freeze Substitution System.

Supplied complete with a low-loss 50 liter LN2 Dewar, stainless steel work table, laptop computer, Large Top-access Substitution Chamber with built-in illumination, exhaust fan and removable cover, Universal Specimen Holder Cup (400907), Inverted Polymerization Holder Cup (400915), Transfer Tool (400920), UV Polymerization Lamp.


Dimensions Work table: 26 inches (660 mm) x 26 inches (660 mm) Height: 31 inches above floor (790 mm)
Weight (empty) 55 kg
Dewar 50 Liter LN2 capacity low-loss stainless steel, mounted on caster wheels
Temp Range -140°C to +50°C ±0.5°C
Front Panel Controls and Indicators Front Panel Controls and Indicators
Temperature and time display
Store and recall buttons for memory locations
Data Key select button
Programming select button
Program step indicator
Memory location buttons
Status indicator
Start and Pause buttons
Alarm Reset Button
LN2 level indicator display