Cartridge Linkage System -Holder


Equipped with removable cartridge for workflow with SEM/FIB.

The MET double tilt CLS object holder was developed in collaboration with Kyushu University in Japan.

Tilt Value

  • Alpha (α) tilt range with JEOL HR pole pieces = ± 20°.
  • Beta (β) tilt range with HR pole pieces = ± 20° (± 12° with objective diaphragm inserted).
  • High stability for resolution at the atomic scale.

Removable MET/FIB cartridge

  • Removable FIB cartridge to be able to prepare several FIB samples for observation with the same CLS object holder. After FIB preparation, re-observation in TEM imaging can be performed without changing the position of the sample.
  • Possibility of observation in TEM imaging without reorientation of the position of the sample after the FIB preparation step.
  • Ease of cleaning the FIB cartridge with Plasma cleaner.
  • Dedicated charging station for FIB/MET workflow.


  • Compatible with METs from the manufacturer JEOL.