HATA-Holder system triple axis


Alpha, Beta axes and planar rotation for Tomo or APT applications.

Rotation: Option IDS (Index Dock System)

Tomographic study of crystalline materials requires precise alignment of the crystal orientation when taking tilt series. With the MET HATA object holder, it is possible to precisely align the inclination but also the azimuthal rotation.
The IDS option allows precise rotation of the tip tip with an accuracy of 0.01 degrees.

The rotation angle is measured with a micrometric system having a digital display of the selected rotation value.
Planar rotation value with the IDS (Index Dock System) option: ± 5°.
Angle control step resolution: 1/100 degrees.

The IDS option requires a dedicated slide loading station for fine tuning of planar rotation.

The charging dock is equipped with dimmable backlighting from below.

Microanalyse EDS

Removable cartridge at the end of the object holder fully dedicated to TEM microanalysis.
Innovative tip geometry without material around the sample cradle.
Available cartridges: Al, Cu, PEEK.

Removable tip (cartridge) end

Removable interchangeable tip following user experimentation.
Cartridge available in Beryllium or PEEK for improved performance in EDX microanalysis and reduction of noise level. Fully compatible with EDX Quad or Dual SDD detectors.
Easy correlation for FIB, APT, SIMS and MEB workflows.
Save time with the possibility of preparing several samples when the HATA object holder is used in TEM observation.
Dedicated charging station for APT/FIB/MET workflow.


Compatible with METs from manufacturers JEOL and THERMO.

Scientific collaboration

EMAT, Université d’Anvers.
Etude Tomo en mode STEM de dislocation de nano-grains de métal avec défauts induits par technique FIB.
3D junction of a single Al nanograin viewed along the thickness of the film, revealing multiple dislocation loops especially near to the top surface (indications of top & bottom surfaces relate to the FIB sample surfaces).
Three orthoslices selected at depth positions A, B and C in the grain shown in the left figure.
Only the top slice C show long dislocation lines pinned bear the surface of the film by point defect clusters created during FIB milling.
Auteurs : H.Driss, M.Mitsuhara, S.Hata, D.Schryvers et al.Microsc.Microcanal (2011).

Technical specifications

Tilt value:
Alpha tilt range (α) = ± 80°.
Beta tilt range (β ) = ± 7.5 °.
High stability for resolution at the atomic scale.

Schematic diagram of the HATA object holder inserted between the pole pieces with view along the tilt axis, parallel to the longitudinal directions of the HATA object holder.