SATO-Holder system – Tensile mode/ compression mode



The SATO traction/compression MET object holder was developed in collaboration with JST Japan (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

The SATO object holder allows dynamic compression/traction tests to be carried out In-Situ MET with a high tilt value in 1 nm steps. The tip tip detaches for easier workflow with SEM or FIB tools.

Tilt Value

  • Alpha tilt range (α) = ±65° for MET FEI.
  • Alpha tilt range (α) = ± 60° for MET JEOL equipped with an HR type pole piece.
  • High stability for resolution at the atomic scale.

Compression or traction

  • In steps of 1 nm or less (theoretical value at 0.6 nm).
  • Minimum movement speed: 3 nm/s.
  • Maximum movement speed: 10 µm/s.
  • Displacement range: 200 µm.

Sample Cu-6Sn

SBS polymer sample


  • Control software dedicated to controlling speed and travel range.
  • Possibility of remote control by PC (32 or 64 bits).

Removable tip (cartridge) tip

  • Removable interchangeable tip following user experimentation.
  • Easy correlation for FIB, APT, SIMS and MEB workflows.
  • Save time with the possibility of preparing several samples when the HATA object holder is used in TEM observation.
  • Dedicated charging station for APT/FIB/MET workflow.

Secure sample loading

  • Comes with a charging station providing a secure operational environment.
  • Station with “Bridge” structure to allow loading under a stereo-microscope or binocular.
  • Blocking/unblocking system by push button of the object holder at the end of the loading stage.
  • Loading station with palm support to load a sample without shaking.