E-chips for FUSION & Poseidon Select



The Protochips Environmental Chips (E-chips) were developed to meet the unique and specific needs of in situ researchers. E-chips are a consumable sample support which provide a flexible solution to address needs including high thermal stability, high speed and low drift, beam transparency, the ability to contain liquids and gases, tissue and sample preparation compatibility and the ability to conduct electrical analysis.

E-chips for FUSION

FUSION thermal E-chips integrate temperature control directly onto the specimen support through a low-stress ceramic membrane that serves as both the heating element and the sample support. This provides a highly accurate and extremely stable platform for in situ research. Several surface coatings are available to meet your needs.

FUSION electrical E-chips come in many electrode and material configurations to meet a wide variety of sample preparation needs. The large variety of materials and patterns provide a flexible solution for electrical analysis. FUSION Electrical E-chips are part of an interchangeable platform with the thermal E-chips

E-chips for Poseidon Select

Poseidon Select E-chips allow the researcher to configure a liquid environment customized to a specific sample and application. By choosing from a selection of designs, researchers can optimize viewing area, liquid layer thickness and configure flow patterns. The electrochemistry Poseidon Select E-chips offer the added selection of electrode designs and materials to meet all of your electrical analysis needs.