Find exact location of any open, resistive or shorting defect.

Find exact location of any open, resistive or shorting defect

  • Localize metal line cuts caused by cracking, corrosion, electro-migration, or foreign particles.
  • Identify resistive opens caused by interface contamination at via interconnects.
  • Pinpoint location for direct TEM lamella FIB preparation.

Characterize CMOS interconnects with highest resolution

  • Reveal electrical integrity of nets with sub-micron lateral resolution and bridge from EFA to PFA
  • Diagnose fabrication and long term issues, including contamination, metal patterning defects, resistive interconnectors, or electro-migration.
  • Directly isolate defects to the exact layer and die location and improve time to product improvement actions.

Verify device operation modes with built- in biasing and live overlay.

  • Image junctions and fields in delayered operating devices.
  • Map electrical activity of solar cells under bias.
  • Compare imaged behaviour with device modelling.

Localize defects in thin dielectric layers

  • Visualise and localise weaknesses in gate oxide (GOX) and capacitor oxide (COX) before breakdown.
  • Pinpoint oxide shorts caused by ESD or EOS with sub-micron resolution.
  • Preserve the original defect signature with power dissipation in the lower nW range during localization.

Access failures invisible in voltage contrast

  • Find low resistances that allows charge tunnelling trough the interconnects.
  • Investigate structures in contact with the silicon substrate.
  • Characterize large metal structures.