Ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope.

Fast, efficient automatic acquisition

FAST-EM is an ultra-fast automated multibeam electron microscope (EM) designed to make complex and large EM projects simple and efficient. Thanks to its automated acquisition, this high-throughput system is ideal for imaging large or multiple samples for quantitative analysis.

Delivering powerful insights while keeping the workflows simple, this system allows users to shift their focus from microscope operation to data analysis.

FAST-EM system receives 2022 Microscopy Today Innovation Award

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Workflow at glance.

Image with 64 beams

To achieve high-throughput imaging, FAST-EM uses 64 electron beams. These beams are scanned over the sample in parallel, and signals are recorded using a fast and highly sensitive Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM) array. This approach achieves significantly higher acquisition speeds.

Enable shorter dwell times

The FAST-EM system uses Scanning Electron Transmission Microscopy (STEM) for image formation. This is achieved by placing samples directly on a scintillator screen. Scintillators produce localized cathodoluminescence when struck by electrons, which is captured using optical microscopy. The resulting light is then detected on the Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM) array, and processed to form the final gray-scale image.

Automation software

Projects for FAST-EM are easily created and managed using robust automation and easyto- use software.
The reliability of the microscope and the software allow the operator to leave the system running without constant babysitting.

Load multiple samples at once

One of the aspects of EM workflows that introduces overhead into a project is sample exchange, which means that the operator has to supervise the system. FAST-EM allows loading of up to nine substrates at the same time, where each substrate can hold tens or even hundreds of sections. This allows for up to 72 hours of continuous imaging.


FAST-EM can be used to explore cell architecture, the interaction of neuronal circuits, and the analysis of any biological material. It is extremely beneficial for large volume 3D imaging, large scale 2D imaging and, in general, as a tool that can significantly speed up daily microscopy work.

Key benefits

Image faster
High acquisition speed by using 64 electron beams and short dwell times.

Focus on data analysis
Leave the system to automatically acquire complex datasets without constant supervision.

Achieve high sustained throughput
Minimize the overhead during imaging with robust automation.

Get the details and the big picture
Collect nanoscale detail while retaining larger context of the sample.

Introducing FAST-EM

Webinar Fast Imaging: High throughput imaging with the FAST EM system

Overcoming challenges in large-scale imaging projects with FAST-EM

System specifications

*Other sizes available

*Requires TEM grid mount