A high vacuum cryogenic transfer module that allows the safe transfer of your cryogenic samples without ice contamination.

CERES Vitri-lock

Discover the CERES Vitri-lock system

The CERES Vitri-Lock allows your Cryo-sample to be uniquely transferred in a high vacuum, and anhydrous environment, to ensure your samples remain uncontaminated during transfer to and from Cryo-SEM / FIB.


Longer cold weather and safer transfer

CERES Vitri-Lock allows for a safe transfer time of up to 30 minutes, ensuring your samples remain vitrified without the need to rush between stations. The extended “cold time” compared to other commercially available cryotransfers allows users to keep their samples vitrified and contamination-free, even during the lengthy sample screening step.

Use CERES Vitri-Lock with CERES Clean Station to ensure seamless sample transfer in an anhydrous environment. Once the sample is transferred to the Vitri-Lock, the CERES Clean Station pumps the Vitri-Lock sample chamber to a high vacuum.

The chamber is only actively cooled externally by a liquid nitrogen tank, keeping the sample below -150°C while maintaining a high vacuum transfer environment through Cryo-pumping.

System specifications