Portable desktop software application for managing, reviewing, analyzing and publishing images and metadata works in conjunction with AXON Synchronicity™

With AXON Studio™, easily bring together and share all aspects of a complete experience, including images and metadata, in an interactive form that other users and collaborators can review separately and discuss later.< /span>

Images and videos

Using AXON Studio™ tracking metadata, which is completely synchronized with the images, will allow analysis of any variations, to sample changes that would otherwise be lost in the volume of unorganized data. /strong>

Using AXON Studio™, software available for download, easily share files generated by AXON Synchronicity with any collaborator, or other user in a completely interactive form.

• All metadata in STEM images is automatically indexed for quick and easy review, filtering, tracing and sorting of data
• Organize information into libraries, sessions or collections that are completely managed by index files without the need to duplicate images and waste storage.
• Organize data from multiple METs that each use AXON Synchronicity.
• Filter data by all metadata conditions (temperature, focus, etc…) and save sections of data to new collections.
• Export/Publish collections to movies (mp4, avi), new image stacking (tiff, jpg, png)
• Share collections with others onsite or remotely, which are easily opened with AXON Studio, and allow fully interactive review of collected images and metadata.
• Create and name tags to annotate specific areas of the experience for others to review.
• Analyze images and metadata by easily attaching plots in StudioTM or viewing FFTs.

Studio Experience Fusion